What is Mabu Buru Lifestyle?

"Mabu Buru Lifestyle" is the name of the YouTube Channel of which Johani Mamid and Emma Winter uses to share their cultural and recreational lifestyle while living in the West Kimberley region of Australia.

"Mabu" and "Buru" have more than one meaning and are shared language words which are traditionally used by many different Aboriginal Groups in the Kimberley region. "Mabu Buru" means anything in the context of "Healthy Country", "Good Place" and "Good Time".

Mabu Buru Lifestyle also follows the life of "Spinner" which is the name of Johani and Emma's pet Saltwater Crocodile. Mabu Buru Lifestyle recognises that sharing Spinner's life and story to the world is a unique opportunity to educate others about saltwater crocodiles and to teach people about being "Crocwise" while in Northern Australia.

Mabu Buru Lifestyle YouTube Channel